Discover the Main Types of Pumps Used for Concrete Pumping

Pumps are mechanical devices that can transfer fluids from one place to another. They are hydraulic devices that bring the fluid from a lower level to a higher one by converting the fluid’s mechanical energy into hydraulic energy (pressure energy).

There are various pumps that can be used for concrete pumping. If you have a project that requires concrete, you may have found it confusing to determine which pump would be best for your specific project. Find out more about the pumps and the types of situations they are best for.

The main types of pumps used for concrete include the following:

Boom Concrete Pumps

These kinds of concrete pumps use hydraulics that feature an arm that can change the direction of the pipeline that contains the concrete. This arm can reach upwards, along and below structures and has the capability to work around obstacles and tight spots. It is the perfect pump for work areas that have a limited amount of space or where there are a lot of obstacles that must be dealt with when pouring the concrete. 

Ground Line Pumps

These are also hydraulic pumps that carry the liquid concrete through different steel and hose pipelines to its final destination. The concrete is poured directly into a pump’s hopper, which is connected directly to the pump. Then, the ground line pumps carry away the concrete through the pipelines.

Configurations of Concrete Pumps


While these concrete pumps are very different, they also share many similarities in terms of the way they function and their configurations. Both ground line pumps and boom concrete pumps can be mounted to the back of a truck. This allows users to pump the concrete in higher areas. It would be best to mount the pump you are using to a truck, for example, if you are going to be pouring concrete into an upstairs area of a property.

Both pump designs can be used as stationary pumps as well. This means that you can just place the pump in a designated space and leave it there while it is being used. The pumps don’t have any wheels, which gives them more stability. As a result, these pumps are very useful when you need to deliver the concrete over a long distance and in an upward direction.

When you need to pour concrete in a place with restricted access, both types of concrete pumps can be mounted onto trailers. This gives you added flexibility in restrictive areas.

Concrete Pumping in Vancouver


At Concrete Way we provide our clients with both kinds of pumps. Our concrete pumps have been designed to deliver concrete efficiently and give you the flexibility you need for various types of projects. Contact us if you have any questions regarding the best type of pump for your specific project. We will give you our recommendation and explain why it would be the best choice for you based on the details you have provided.