20 Welcome Back Gifts for Employees To Make Your Life Easy

20 Welcome Back Gifts for Employees To Make Your Life Easy

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At Boss Promotions, we’re seeing a huge influx of employers looking for products and packages to welcome employees back to the office. We love seeing the care and appreciation these businesses have and know these efforts go a long way in supporting their employees. However, we also know that creating a welcoming environment for employees who are adjusting back to life pre-pandemic can be a challenge! 

Many employers are now utilizing kits to welcome employees back and help rebuild corporate culture. That’s why we’ve got a few pre-made kits available on our kits page for use, and we also have a guide on how to build unforgettable employee onboarding kits.

However, if you’re looking for some of our top package and product picks, you’ve come to the right place! 

Return-to-the-Office Trends

Based on client inquiries and requests, some of the patterns we’re seeing with product preferences include:

  • Adding staple items such as a branded journal and drinkware piece 
  • More retail/well known brands used 
  • Emphasis on sustainability and brands that give back (e.g. Miir, Corkcicle, tentree, Slowtide, etc.)

Versatile Employee Kits for Any Industry

Whether you’re in advertising, tech, or education, these kits work for every employee! They contain staples such as a notebook and pen, and some have welcome snacks. 

kraft box with tumbler, snack, notebook, and penGift Box with stainless steel 16-ounce tumbler and assorted snacksstationery set with pink laptop sleeve

  1. Warm Welcome Set with Snack – Moleskine journal, tumbler, pen, and a chocolate seed bar
  2. Welcoming Wonder Tumbler Gift Box – 16-ounce Corkcicle tumbler and assorted snacks
  3. Work & Go Kit – notebook, tech case, 3 pens, and a canvas laptop sleeve

Mindfulness and Wellness Kits for Employees

Work before the pandemic was stressful enough, let alone during a pandemic! Mental well-being has become increasingly important in professional spaces. Providing employees with an outlet to unplug is not only beneficial for employee well-being, but for office culture. 

Outside of these kits and products, other activities to look into include: introducing flexible work hours for better work/life balance, promoting mental health awareness, offering mental health resources, etc. 

colouring book set with techworkout from home gift set withcooling towel and sports watch

  1. Survival Kit – phone/tablet stand, desktop cable organizer, coloring book & 6 color pencils
  2. Desk Duty Essentials Kit – terracotta planter, Moleskine journal, and ceramic mug
  3. Workout from Home – sport watch/pedometer, and cooling towel

Cosy Care Packages

Is the air conditioning always too high at work? Do you have employees that mention being cold no matter the season? Want to get a head start on gifting cosy items for fall and winter? 

Here are some items that are bound to raise the cosiness factor at work and at home, so the cold will be one less thing to worry about!

coffee break gift set for employeesmug gift set with teablack blanket

  1. Coffee Break – coffee mug, maple syrup, various Canadian-made snacks, and coffee sachets
  2. Mug Gift Set with Gourmet Tea – 11 oz ceramic mug with a choice of tea
  3. Micro Coral Plush Blanket 

Employee Kits for the Techies and Commuters

Commuting back to the office unfortunately means unproductive time spent in the car or on public transit. In 2016, the average commute in Canada was 24 minutes for those driving, but for those taking public transit, the average time was closer to 52.5 minutes (Source: Statistics Canada). Multiply that by 2 to calculate a round trip, and the result is a lot of unproductive time. 

Many commuters have found ways to make the most of this—listening to a podcast or audiobook, reading a book, or playing games on mobile devices, etc. It only makes sense to provide portable tech accessories for commuting employees! 

These sample kits have a range of portable tech accessories, ranging from wireless earbuds, universal charging cables, phone stands, and power banks that will be appreciated!


  1. Urban Adventure Kit – foldable phone stand, portable charger and charging cable
  2. 2-Piece Gift Set – keyring charging kit and light up power bank
  3. 2-Piece Gift Set – power bank and wireless earbuds

Happy Hour

For those especially challenging weeks, give your employees something they can toast to! While wine has been the go-to in the past, cocktail kits are becoming a trend due to their versatility. 

Happy Hour cocktail kit with tumbler and drink mixesGreen tin with cocktail ingredients

  1. Corkcicle Sip Sangria & Snack Gift Set – sangria wine mix, Long Grove Berry Nut Mix and Corkcicle® stemless wine cup
  2. Happy Hour Cocktail Kit – tumbler, snack mix, Mango Tini cocktail mix, Berry Tini cocktail mix.
  3. Virtual Happy Hour Cocktail Kit (Hot Toddy) – Hot Toddy cocktail kit with ginger syrup, lemon packets, cinnamon sticks, bar spoon, and more

Snack Kit

Snacks make the workday much more enjoyable, and we have a variety of nut-free, gluten-free, and vegan options available for everyone!

snack bars


various vegan snacks

  1. Snack O’clock Gift Box – mustard, pretzels, chocolate covered almonds, and milk chocolate almond toffee
  2. Artisan Gourmet Gift Box – Effie’s Oat Cakes, East Shore Dipping Pretzels with Sweet & Tangy Mustard, J&M Chocolate Chip Cookies and Hammond’s Caramel Popcorn
  3. 88 Acres Power Break (Nut Free) –  five 88 Acres® nut-free seed bars
  4. Vegan Snack Sack
  5. Smoothie and Snacks Box – NOKA Superfood Smoothies, Luna Lemonzest Bar, Bear Fruit Snacks and Kashi Bar 
  6. Mug and Cookie Set – 8 gourmet cookies in your flavor choice, mug

Thinking about assembling an employee welcome kit? Don’t start without us! Contact us to ensure your kit is well received. 

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