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    Need Concrete Stairs?

    With our help, reach beautiful new heights.

    Concrete Stairs

    Stairs are an integral part of any home, building and property in general. Often needing multiple sets, Concrete Way understands the important addition of concrete steps to your project.

    Our stamped concrete steps can be used to create a unique yet professional look, while also making your stairs safer by adding more traction through your customized design.

    With the concept of stamped concrete dating back to the Ancient Roman Empire and having only been perfected since, this trusted, sturdy, versatile material is the perfect additional ingredient to your property.

    Give style to your stairs

    Bring your stairs to life by stamping your concrete to resemble stone or brick, add colour through paints, dyes or stains and even add certain patterns, such as ferns or leaves.


    Ensuring your stairs’ safety

    Less worried about style, more concerned about safety? We totally get it. Your stairs can be especially slip-resistant when treated with a non-skid additive, giving you peace of mind with each step you take.

    Concrete stairs are also incredibly resilient; more than capable of withstanding harsh weather and vast amounts of wear and tear, stamped concrete can handle it all, and often able to be installed in just a few days.

    Concrete Stairs Installation

    Completing the job of concrete stairs can be challenging when attempting to DIY it; with an extensive list of procedures and only a certain amount of time the concrete gives you before setting, it’s often best to let a professional handle the task.

    We at Concrete Way, with nearly 15 years of experience, understand this complex but rewarding process.

    An affordable, safe, long-lasting enhancement for your property, stamped concrete stairs carry an eye-catchingly sleek look while likely increasing your space’s market value as well – in many cases, by up to 15%!


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