Concrete Placing & Finishing Services

Concrete Placing And Finishing 

Slab Pouring 

    Your project’s last step – and most important one.

    Concrete Placing and Finishing

    The combination of concrete placing and finishing is a paramount part of the construction process for many property areas, such as driveways, sidewalks, garages, basements and porches.


    Concrete Placing

    The concrete placing approach chosen for your project vastly determines the durability and overall quality of your concrete. If completed without proper knowledge and qualifications, this step can be easily jeopardized.

    With nearly 15 years of experience in the industry, our team understands the importance of this operation and its application.


    We take pride in our detail-oriented approach, taking into consideration crucial factors of your project, such as its:

    • Classification
    • Size
    • Surrounding areas
    • Projected types of usage/activity
    • Projected usage/activity levels
    • Projected weather conditions


    A thorough initial intake of your project’s unique characteristics and relevant information of your home’s history is a key part of our work, ensuring the concrete placement method used for your project produces an immaculate and long-lasting result.

    Concrete Finishing

    Concrete finishing is an essential aspect of any visible concrete. With multiple colours and textures available, Concrete Way offers choice and quality for your project’s concrete finishing.

    Not unlike concrete placement, determining which type of finishing is the best fit largely depends on your project’s type and the concrete’s intended use.

    While its name may make it seem like a simple procedure, concrete finshing’s significance should not be underestimated; if proper preliminary measures, such as reviewing the condition of the concrete, are neglected, its end result may be compromised.

    Our finishing process includes state-of-the-art tools, step-by-step procedures, as well as tips and tricks we’ve gathered through our nearly decade and a half of experience in the field.

    Concrete Way strives to ensure our team carries out the proper finishing techniques required for your project with the utmost diligence and care, ensuring the job produces strong, attractive concrete free of any damage.

    We’d be honoured to be a part of this milestone in your home’s life by completing any concrete placement or finishing services it may need.

    Concrete Placing and Finishing Restoration

    Has your concrete already undergone placing and finishing but you’re unhappy with how it turned out, or a mishap has since occurred? We’re here for that too!

    Whether it’s concrete garage floor repair, fixing up your porch or mending your driveway, restoration is a principal pillar of Concrete Way’s services.

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