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Boss Promotions 30th Anniversary

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On May 17th, 1991, an 18-year old Jonathan Gillingham started a business selling T-Shirts at lacrosse events. Originally called “Hey Boss” because he enjoyed how it sounded when he answered the phone, it quickly became a more professional “Boss Promotions” once he realized he could expand beyond T-shirts and sports.

Over the years the company has grown to 20+ employees, bigger buildings, and an ever growing array of services and promotional solutions.

We can’t wait to see what the next 30 years has in store!

What were you doing in 1991? Were you even born?

Were you watching some of these movies?

Were you watching some of these tv shows?

Were you listening to any of these 90s tunes?

Were you wearing any of this fashion back in the 90s? Are you wearing it now?

Boss Promotions 30th Anniversary

Boss Promotions 30th Anniversary


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