Is WFB(ackyard) the new WFH? 4 Tips for Working Outside

Is WFB(ackyard) the new WFH? 4 Tips for Working Outside

Having a concrete pad under a hot tub is important for several reasons:

1. Level surface: A concrete pad provides a stable and level surface for the hot tub to sit on. This helps ensure that the hot tub is properly supported and reduces the risk of it tipping over or becoming unbalanced.

2. Weight distribution: Hot tubs are heavy, especially when filled with water and occupants. A concrete pad helps distribute the weight of the hot tub evenly, preventing it from sinking into the ground or causing damage to the surrounding area.

3. Protection: A concrete pad creates a barrier between the hot tub and the ground, protecting the bottom of the hot tub from debris, moisture, and uneven surfaces that could cause damage over time.

4. Durability: Concrete is a durable material that can withstand the weight and pressure of a hot tub, as well as exposure to water and weather conditions. A concrete pad will provide a long-lasting foundation for your hot tub. Overall, having a concrete pad under your hot tub is essential for ensuring its stability, longevity, and safety.

Durability: Concrete is a strong and durable material that can support the weight of the hot tub and withstand the constant exposure to water and heat.

 Stability: A concrete base provides a stable and level foundation for the hot tub, reducing the risk of it shifting or sinking over time.

Protection: Concrete can help protect the ground beneath the hot tub from damage caused by moisture and heat, preventing potential issues like erosion or sinking.

4Insulation: Concrete can provide some insulation from the ground, helping to maintain the water temperature in the hot tub more efficiently.

Maintenance: A concrete base is typically easier to clean and maintain compared to other materials, reducing the risk of mold or mildew buildup. Overall, having a concrete base under a hot tub can enhance its longevity, stability, and overall performance.

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Working from backyard office

Many employees have embraced working remotely during the pandemic, and 65% of employees want to work remotely full-time post-pandemic. With many advantages, such as increased productivity, flexible scheduling, cost savings, not having to commute, better work/life balance, it makes sense why so many employees prefer remote or hybrid work options!

However, remote work is not without its mental and physical challenges such as separation between life and work, finding space for a home office, minimizing distractions from family members or roommates, and self-managing to avoid unnecessary disruptions.

If you’re struggling with some of the challenges above, it may be time to consider working outdoors.

Working Outdoors Can Make You More Productive

With summer finally here, it’s time to take advantage of the warm weather and green spaces available. Research has shown that simply looking outdoors or at green spaces can help boost productivityimagine what working outside can do!

Working outside not only boosts productivity, but also has numerous other benefits:

Enhances mood
Studies show people feel less tension after a walk in the park

Boosts energy
Being in nature makes people feel more alive; 20 minutes of fresh air provides energy equal to coffee

Boosts creativity
Being in nature can boost creative problem solving by 60%

Reduces stress
Spending time outside has similar effects on the brain and body as meditating

Improves memory
Studies have found that spending time in nature can help improve short-term memory 

Improves focus
Looking at greenery for short periods can improve focus as well as subsequent performance tasks. Pair this with minimizing phone notifications, and you’ll likely see productivity soar.

Creates a work mindset
“Commuting” to the backyard can get your mind ready for “office mode” and establish clearer lines between work and personal space. Having an office outdoors can also free up space for others inside the home. 

4 Tips for Working From the Backyard 

Before you head outside to get reports done, there are some things to consider and implement!

1) Finding the Perfect Spot

A cool and shady spot outdoors is ideal, as direct sunlight device screens can cause glare, overheating of laptops, and drained batteries due to increased screen brightness. If you don’t have a shady area in your backyard, create some shade with either a patio umbrella, sun sail, or awning.

For an all-season/semi permanent workspace, consider adding an office shed if you’ve got the space in your backyard. Unsurprisingly, in March 2020, sales of backyard sheds started rising due to the pandemic and need for remote work office spaces.

2) Minimize Noisy Distractions 

While working outside means escaping family and roommate conversations, it can also present a new audio experience. Sounds of wildlife and pets, construction, and street traffic can be new and unplanned distractions.

Consider wearing noise-cancelling headphones or to minimize these sounds.

wireless, noise cancelling ear budsBlack over the ear wireless, noise cancelling headphones

Products pictured: Wireless Noise Cancelling Ear Buds | Noise Cancellation Bluetooth Headphones

3) Replicate and Extend the Home Office

Working outside can make you realise how many amenities we take for granted, such as air-conditioning, charging outlets, and high-speed internet! Here are some solutions to optimize your outdoor office life:

Technology and Office Supplies

Want to show off your garden during video calls? Make it a lag and stress-free experience with a wifi extender. A portable power bank or extension cord will also help power and charge your devices outside, eliminating low battery notifications. 

white powerbank with 3 cable tipscolourful wifi extender

Products pictured: Power bank with 3 cable tips | WiFi extender

If you’re worried about humidity, rain, or pool water affecting your notes, consider waterproof paper options such as stone paper and waterproof ink.

Stone Paper NotebookColourful pens

Check out this video of the waterproof pens in action!

Products pictured: stone paper notebook | waterproof ink pens


Outdoor seating might not be as comfortable as indoor office seating, but a lumbar support pillow and seat cushion will go a long way in making the outdoor office experience more enjoyable and back pain-free.

A laptop tray will also be useful for getting your device at the right reading angle so you don’t strain your neck!

Adjustable Aluminum Laptop Holder Wood Laptop Stand Desk

Products pictured: Adjustable Aluminum Laptop Holder | Laptop Stand Desk

4) Protect yourself from wildlife and the elements 

Insect bites, overly hot weather, outdoor allergies, and sunburn can deter anyone enjoying the outdoors. Stay protected this season!


Mosquitos are a nuisance, regardless of any outdoor activity. Luckily, there are now more repellant options outside of sprays and lotions, such as lanterns and wristbands to avoid itchy bites.

Black Mosquito Repelling LanternBlue Mosquito Repellent Bracelet

Products pictured: Mosquito Repelling Lantern | Mosquito Repellent Bracelet

Hot Weather

Don’t wilt under the hot summer sun! When temperatures start rising, stay cool and protected with a portable fan, glasses that protect against blue light and UV rays, sunscreen, and an insulated bottle to keep your beverages cold.

Red Hand-Held Matte Finish Portable FanPortable Cold Brew Coffee Maker

Products pictured: Portable Fan | Blue Light Blocking Duo FrameCold Brew Coffee Maker

Most importantly, don’t forget to enjoy the outdoors while working from your backyard. Remote work requires setting clear boundaries between work and not-workstep away from the screens when you need to!

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