Add A Retail Touch to your custom Apparel

These days, getting your brand out there – literally walking around the streets – may be more difficult than you think. A lot of people are turned off by large logos in their face, even if they are getting the item for free. How many times have you worn that charity walk T-shirt you received?  Or a toque with a big embroidery done right on your forehead? Locations for logos have traditionally been applied to the front, back or sleeve of an item.

But, why not take a cue from retail trends and put your logo on a patch? Bravely leaving most of the garment blank will increase the chances of the item being worn, and your logo can still be seen. Patches can be made from many materials and displayed in various ways. See some of the retail examples below and choose one that works for your brand.

The North Face






Canada Goose









Are you convinced?!? Wouldn’t you gladly wear any of these items out & about. Beats a big logo on a T-shirt that lives in your dresser or only gets worn to bed!

Ask us today about this custom decoration: woven labels, leather patches, PVC labels, or metal tags. All can be sewn onto almost any garment for a minimal charge.