11 Awesome Examples of Employee Welcome Kits (Accenture, EY, LinkedIn, etc)

11 Awesome Examples of Employee Welcome Kits (Accenture, EY, LinkedIn, etc)

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Mailer box with blue shirt, tumbler, and other accessories

Onboarding into a new role is a stressful experience for any employee. Adjusting to new work processes and systems, getting to know team members, and attending orientations in such a short period can make anyone question their sanity!

However, one of the most exciting parts of employee onboarding is seeing all the cool new products in the onboarding kit! There’s something special about seeing the kit, celebrating a career change and new beginnings, and celebrating the fact that an individual chose to join your company and team. Also equally exciting is seeing what other companies are including in their employee welcome kits, and many kits are shared on LinkedIn and Instagram with messages of appreciation and excitement for their new positions.

In this post, we’ve rounded up more of our favourite onboarding kits for inspiration!

1. Accenture Employee Onboarding Kit 

Accenture employee welcome kit
Source: Instagram

Accenture has a huge welcome kit that contains various branded products such as a backpack, stationery, drinkware, logoed facemask, laptop stand, and more decorated with their signature purple. 

Their campaign line “Let There Be Change” is emblazoned on the backpack to serve as a reminder of the company’s promise of delivering on the promise of technology and human ingenuity in a post-COVID era. 

2. Deloitte Employee Onboarding Kit 

Source: LinkedIn

Aside from the usual branded stationery and drinkware, Deloitte’s employee kit also contains a stress ball and a resistance band. Other employees have reported receiving other items such as a backpack, bluetooth speaker, power bank, bluetooth wireless earbuds, webcam cover, and/or popsocket.

3. EY Employee Onboarding Kit 

EY Employee Onboarding kkit with backpack, and other branded merch
Source: LinkedIn

International professional services firm Ernst & Young (EY) has included an interesting component to their welcome kit: a manifesto! With 5 key points to introduce and guide their employees on the policies and goals of the organization, new employees are more purpose-driven and aligned. 

4. LinkedIn Employee Onboarding Kit 

LinkedIn Employee Welcome Onboarding Kit
Source: Instagram

LinkedIn not only includes the standard branded items such as a backpack, stationery, and drinkware, but also a few entrepreneurial books that include titles such as:

  1. Reid Hoffman’s (co-founder of LinkedIn) “The Start-up of You” and 
  2. Satya Nadella’s “Hit Refresh: The Quest to Rediscover Microsoft’s Soul and Imagine a Better Future for Everyone”

The company strongly encourages its employees to invest in themselves, evidenced by the books!

5. VISA Employee Onboarding Kit

VISA Employee onboarding kit with yellow and blue merch
Source: LinkedIn

VISA’s employee welcome kit includes some colourful products that include stationery, socks, drawstring bag, and what looks to be a reusable sandwich bag. The yellow notebook is a bright and fun pop of colour that adds fun to note taking!

6. Paypal Employee Onboarding Kit 

PayPal Employee Onboarding Kit
Source: Instagram

Featuring staples such as branded drinkware, stationery, lanyard, and backpack, PayPal also emphasizes their charitable giving initiative, PayPal Gives, in their onboarding kit. This program matches employee donations to qualified nonprofits, as well as other volunteer and donation benefits. 

7. Zomato Employee Onboarding Kit

Zomato employee welcome kit with red branded merch
Source: LinkedIn

Zomato, a restaurant aggregator and food delivery company, has included the standard branded stationery, drinkware, apparel, as well as some fun items such as stickers and a business book titled “Thinking Backwards” by Martin Scheepbouwer and Rob van Haastrecht. The book focuses on effective problem solving solutions and challenging readers to rethink the way they make business decisions. 

8. Pine Labs Employee Onboarding Kit

Pine Labs employee welcome kit
Source: LinkedIn

Pine Labs, a merchant platform company based in India, has a beautifully designed box with gold inner inscription and a welcome note. The kit also features drinkware, Ferrero Rocher chocolates, and personal protective equipment such as a no-touch key and reusable face mask.

9. Sourcewiz Employee Onboarding Kit

sourcewiz employee onboarding kit with a book, coffee maker, and grow kit
Source: LinkedIn 

Sourcewiz, a tech company based in India, opted for unconventional products in their welcome kit.Featuring Richard Branson’s autobiography, coffee maker and beans, and a desk plant kit, this kit is designed to help combat the challenges of working at and building a start-up.

10. InfoSys Employee Onboarding Kit 

Infosys employee welcome kit with journal, mug, and more

Source: LinkedIn

Infosys, the second largest IT company in India, has a standardized kit that includes drinkware, journal and pen, and a card case, but the real highlight is the folding puzzle box.   

Check out the video of the folding puzzle box below!

11. Earnscliffe Strategy Group

Earnscliff strategy employee kit

Earnscliffe Strategy Group recently refreshed their brand, and was in need of new merchandise to celebrate! Tasked with this project, Boss Promotions created kits for each employee that utilized the new logo. Each kit contained a box of personalized business cards, an insulated travel mug with a clear push-on lid, a webcam cover, and an embossed orange notebook and pen. All great for supporting Earnscliffe employees in helping build the company’s legacy! 


Looking for more fun examples of employee welcome kits? Check out our other post, which features kits from companies such as PWC, PepsiCo, Huge Inc, and more! 

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