Cure your Sunday Scaries

Cure your Sunday Scaries

Having a concrete pad under a hot tub is important for several reasons:

1. Level surface: A concrete pad provides a stable and level surface for the hot tub to sit on. This helps ensure that the hot tub is properly supported and reduces the risk of it tipping over or becoming unbalanced.

2. Weight distribution: Hot tubs are heavy, especially when filled with water and occupants. A concrete pad helps distribute the weight of the hot tub evenly, preventing it from sinking into the ground or causing damage to the surrounding area.

3. Protection: A concrete pad creates a barrier between the hot tub and the ground, protecting the bottom of the hot tub from debris, moisture, and uneven surfaces that could cause damage over time.

4. Durability: Concrete is a durable material that can withstand the weight and pressure of a hot tub, as well as exposure to water and weather conditions. A concrete pad will provide a long-lasting foundation for your hot tub. Overall, having a concrete pad under your hot tub is essential for ensuring its stability, longevity, and safety.

Durability: Concrete is a strong and durable material that can support the weight of the hot tub and withstand the constant exposure to water and heat.

 Stability: A concrete base provides a stable and level foundation for the hot tub, reducing the risk of it shifting or sinking over time.

Protection: Concrete can help protect the ground beneath the hot tub from damage caused by moisture and heat, preventing potential issues like erosion or sinking.

4Insulation: Concrete can provide some insulation from the ground, helping to maintain the water temperature in the hot tub more efficiently.

Maintenance: A concrete base is typically easier to clean and maintain compared to other materials, reducing the risk of mold or mildew buildup. Overall, having a concrete base under a hot tub can enhance its longevity, stability, and overall performance.

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One of the least fun things about being an adult is dealing with the dreaded feeling of the “Sunday Scaries”. You know, the feeling that you can’t fully enjoy Sunday knowing that you’ll have to go back to work on Monday? It can be a haunting experience and take away the joy of enjoying your Sunday.

Help cure your team’s Sunday Scaries by sharing ideas of how to brighten their Sunday and by gifting them a kit that will start their week off on the right foot.

Learn Something New

We are all guilty of saying we will do things—eventually when we have the time. Chances are, if you are thinking about Sunday Scaries, you might have some time to devote to a new craft. Why not take that negative energy and focus on learning to knit or sew, to do a paint by numbers, or to learn a new language to be ready for the days we can all travel freely again. 

Do (a Little) Retail Therapy

Retail therapy is a cheap (well, hopefully) and easy fix, sometimes. Just like anything, it’s okay in moderation. So why not browse Amazon or your favorite clothing or lifestyle store for some mindless scrolling.

Listen to an Inspiring Podcast

Use Sunday as a time to seek some inspiration. You can always find a podcast to help you get motivated, recharge your spirit, boost your mood, and help you get better.

Plan the Week Ahead

Having time to sit down and plan the week ahead will relieve stress that we build up in our heads. Include birthdays and dinners with friends to work in some positive events to look forward to.


Custom Planner                                                      Planner

Gift a “Sunday Scaries Cure” Kit:

Create a kit that will help your employees start their week off on the right foot.

Self-Care Lover

Self-Care Kits                                 Self Care Book                             Candle

Energetic Exerciser

Exercise Kit                                           Cork Yoga Mat                                       Resistance Band Set

Munchie Maven


Snickerdoodle Baking Kit           Gummy Snack Tube         Cork Coffee Mug Gift Set

Sunday Funday Uniform

In our opinion, the best way to get rid of the Sunday Scaries is to get into comfy clothing! Create a Sunday team uniform featuring matching sets and a tone-on-tone look.


Sweatpants                                Hooded Sweatshirt                  Sweatpants

For more ideas of how to make sure your team starts the week off feeling appreciated check out our catalogue here.

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