Green Friday

Green Friday

Having a concrete pad under a hot tub is important for several reasons:

1. Level surface: A concrete pad provides a stable and level surface for the hot tub to sit on. This helps ensure that the hot tub is properly supported and reduces the risk of it tipping over or becoming unbalanced.

2. Weight distribution: Hot tubs are heavy, especially when filled with water and occupants. A concrete pad helps distribute the weight of the hot tub evenly, preventing it from sinking into the ground or causing damage to the surrounding area.

3. Protection: A concrete pad creates a barrier between the hot tub and the ground, protecting the bottom of the hot tub from debris, moisture, and uneven surfaces that could cause damage over time.

4. Durability: Concrete is a durable material that can withstand the weight and pressure of a hot tub, as well as exposure to water and weather conditions. A concrete pad will provide a long-lasting foundation for your hot tub. Overall, having a concrete pad under your hot tub is essential for ensuring its stability, longevity, and safety.

Durability: Concrete is a strong and durable material that can support the weight of the hot tub and withstand the constant exposure to water and heat.

 Stability: A concrete base provides a stable and level foundation for the hot tub, reducing the risk of it shifting or sinking over time.

Protection: Concrete can help protect the ground beneath the hot tub from damage caused by moisture and heat, preventing potential issues like erosion or sinking.

4Insulation: Concrete can provide some insulation from the ground, helping to maintain the water temperature in the hot tub more efficiently.

Maintenance: A concrete base is typically easier to clean and maintain compared to other materials, reducing the risk of mold or mildew buildup. Overall, having a concrete base under a hot tub can enhance its longevity, stability, and overall performance.

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Black Friday is a day that is anticipated after Americans stuff themselves on Thanksgiving, they go in search of stuff to buy the day after. People camp overnight outside stores to take advantage of the doorbuster specials. However, over the last couple of years things have changed to turn away from unnecessary spending and consumption. Now, instead of people racing to open their wallets, some stores are even closing their doors. Outdoor retailer REI announced that from this year, that will shut down for the whole day on Black Friday and encourage its employees and members to spend time outside rather than shopping.

Many people tend to buy more than they want or even need during these Black Friday sales, which is contributing to a host of environmental issues. Happily, “conscious consumerism” is gaining momentum in an attempt to find mindful materialism. Last year, an event called “Green Friday” hit the retail calendar in Australia, timed to coincide with Black Friday through to Cyber Monday. Green Friday challenges consumers to not rush to the shops and instead choose to shop sustainable products – or to better yet not shop at all. So show your clients and employees that your brand cares for the planet – while also showing recognition and appreciation for them! Two birds, one happy stone (or planet).

Some sustainable themes to consider gifting this Green Friday:

Upcycling: One of the best solutions to environmental issues is to find other purposes for discarded items. Below are some “upcycled” merchandise options.

Preloved Blowaway Mitts

The Blowaway Mitts upholds Preloved mission of using upcycled vintages by carefully curating each complimentary selected vintage fabric for distinctiveness and style to incorporate with our signature 16oz fleece, creating a timeless, unique and beautiful piece that promotes sustainability and tells a story.

Refresh Glass

The glasses are rescued from the community, and upcycled into new stylish drinkware sets. Each glass is created from a wine bottle that has been collected from local bars and restaurants, working towards Refresh Glass’s 10 Million Bottle Rescue Mission.

Ethica Rectangle Cushion

Composed of 100% mixed premium quality recycled fabrics (organic cotton / recycled polyester) and transformed by Coup de Pouce, a company allowing the development of employability of young people with learning difficulties. The purchase of an Ethica cushion allows you to revalue the fabric scraps generated by the production of more or less fifty items of clothing.

Circular® 20 oz. Bottle

Circular Bottle is the reusable bottle made from bottles. Each Circular Bottle is made from 92% single-use bottles – 14 single use, disposable bottles that are recycled, given new life as Circular Bottles and kept out of our waterway and landfills.

Sustainable Material: From recycled plastic to wheat straw, bamboo and organic cotton – these days almost any product has options that are constructed with sustainable materials that you can feel good about.

Recycled Wheat Wireless Earbuds

Pairing tech and eco-friendly material is music to the ears! These TWS earbuds are made from 35% recycled wheat husk and support wireless technology V5.1, allowing up to 4 hours of playback time. If you are on the go, even better!

Linden Recycled Felt Coasters (Set of 4)

What says you care about your customers, the planet, and preventing unsightly water marks? The Linden set of four recycled felt coasters of course. Unlike a happy hour buzz, the process used to make these coasters is completely sustainable.

5000 mAh Bamboo Wireless Power Bank

The Plank 5000 mAh Bamboo Wireless Power Bank has a rechargeable lithium polymer battery that doubles as a wireless charging pad or regular power bank. Includes a USB to Micro USB cable that can recharge the power bank or other devices with a Micro USB input, like Android smartphones. Designed to support any smartphone or tablet without wireless technology through the normal power bank capabilities.

Gift Green: Gifting plants can bring joy to any office space – plants have been proven to reduce stress, boost creativity and productivity. Plants can encourage teamwork with coworkers by creating schedules to care for each others plants when the other is away. Include an uplifting message with your branded plant to increase the happy effects.

Modern Sprout® Rooted Candle

A 6oz soy-blend scented candle is outfitted in a matte glazed ceramic vessel and includes an organic seed packet to grow plant once the candle has been burned down.Candle and seed packet are packaged inside a beautifully designed box for easy gifting with plastic-free packaging!

Wooden Cube Blossom Kit

Constructed from natural pine wood with a plastic liner designed to protect the wood from water damage
Includes wooden cube planter, seed packet, peat pellet, and 4CP packaging wrap with printed planting instructions.

Blossom Kit Ornament

Each blossom kit ornament comes with everything required to start growing: your choice of seeds, peat pellets, and an ornament that can double as the planter! This environmentally conscious ornament is made using a bio-based PLA thermoplastic, which is a renewable and biodegradable material.

Ceramic Planter Set

Designed with a nod to modern minimalism, this planter set provides any room or workspace with an additional touch of style. Each planter set includes a ceramic planter, a bamboo leg set, a seed packet, and a peat pellet packaged in an informative brown Kraft box. The two-piece wooden bamboo stand fits firmly together, allowing the ceramic planter to rest snugly on top.


Avoid Stuff: A consumable gift is a gift that can be used up one way or another. Great examples include: food, drinks, soap, and candles. They’re the perfect gift for minimalists, environmentalists, or the person who has everything. These gifts are unique options for those who deserve to enjoy a little something without adding another trinket to the shelf.

Handmade Soap

Crafted to capture the essence of the holiday season, these handmade promotional soaps are scented with pine, cinnamon, and orange essential oil. Recipients will love receiving them with your custom branding as gifts around the holiday season so they can add a festive touch to bathrooms and kitchens. Your logo is custom branded on seed paper.

Cookie Decorating Kit

Give the gift of family time and deliciousness. This decorating kit includes all the necessary accessories for a great few hours of fun – and then you get to eat cookies!

Candle in Glass Jar

This 8oz jar is available in clear glass with a white lid or amber glass with a black lid. It’s filled with 7.2oz of 100% soy-based wax (no paraffin) and is available in 20 fragrances. Once the candle has been completely burned, wash out the remaining wax and continue to use the container.

Spice Set

The set contains 5 glass Test Tubes measuring 30 mm x 120 mm, with Cork Lids. 100+ spices and blends to mix and match. Buy in bulk  and reuse the tubes once you run out of a spice.


For more sustainable gifting ideas, revisit our lookbook from earlier this year: Fresh & New

Yes, its nice to buy presents and show recognition, but part of that train of thought should include what we can do to make the world a better place. And that starts with each of us – what and how much we are purchasing, and the choices and changes we can make to help the planet. Trying to mix more consumables in our gifting will still be enjoyed by all and will show your brand cares for the receiver and the planet!

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