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Show Your Pride!

Widely considered as the most important event in the modern fight for LGBTQ+ rights, Pride Festivals were originally held to mark the anniversary of the Stonewall Riots. Now; 53 years later, Pride parades and festivals are held across the globe celebrating LGBTQ+ acceptance, achievements, rights and pride.

After two years of quiet celebrations, pride festivals and events are back and are predicted to be bigger than ever! Thus, there’s no better time to fly the rainbow flag for your brand and show your support for your employees, customers or fans.

Here are some ways you can use branded merchandise to show your support for the continuous fight for equality on all levels and for all people, while recognizing the amazing contribution the LGBTQ+ make in our society.


Any apparel piece can instill pride if decorated with full colour graphics. We can add your logo to any of these free graphics or custom create one for you.




Yummy Treats:


See our 2022 Pride Mini Book for more ideas for branded merchandise that celebrates Pride month.

Show Your Pride!

Show Your Pride!


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